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Doctor advise parents to watch their kids closely after the incident of removing a 50cent coin from a 7YO child

It is good to encourage curiosity in young children. Nevertheless, they must still be a degree of supervision by adults at all times to prevent accidents.

An ENT doctor named Dr. Mohd Shaiful recently advised parents to keep a close eye on their children especially if there are small objects around.

A 7-year-old child was brought into the emergency room because they accidentally swallowed a 50 cent coin. The first thing Dr. Mohd Saiful was worried about was whether the coin was stuck in the respiratory airway.

Fortunately, the x-ray done by the medical officer showed that the coin was lodged in the oesophagus instead.

If it was stuck in the airway, it could be dangerous for the child because he might not be able to breathe and that could lead to death.

After putting the child under general anaesthesia, Dr Mohd Shaiful managed to extract the coin from the oesophagus of the child without any complications.

He said that it was the biggest coin value he has removed from young children. Previously, he had to remove 10 and 20 cent coins from other children.

Advice for parents

Due to these recurring incidents, he has a few pieces of advice for parents:

  • Avoid giving small toys to children that are prone to putting items into their mouths.
  • Don’t teach children magic tricks, especially tricks concerning disappearing items in the mouth.
  • Avoid joking around when there are items in the children’s mouths.

If the child accidentally swallowed a foreign object, take them to the hospital immediately. Some of the choking signs are sudden vomiting or the child reaching into their mouth with their hand.


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