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“Are we teaching lies to our students?” Siti Kasim points out misrepresented facts in Form 1 textbook

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world, but at the same time, it is a tool for people to spread certain ideologies that they want the younger generation to believe.

Recently, lawyer and social activist, Siti Kasim has taken to her Facebook page to slam the authorities for teaching students the wrong information about the origins of the compass.

“Can you believe the rubbish they’re teaching to our kids? If it’s true, no one would bring this up. But it’s lies.” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

In a photo she shared, the Form 1 textbook states that the compass was invented in the Islamic Golden Age and was used by Muslim sailors to navigate the Indian Ocean.

However, a quick search on Google revealed that the compass was instead invented in China during the Han Dynasty between the 2nd century BC and 1st century AD.

Source: Facebook

In the meantime, Siti pointed out that the Islamic Golden Age had given us a lot to be thankful for.

“No one denied during the Islamic Golden Age, not only did Muslims preserve and translate ancient classical texts that inspired Renaissance thinkers, but they also invented the scientific method and modern university system, which led to the Scientific Revolution, and pioneered medical and agricultural techniques that improved the quality of life of Europeans,” she said.

But that does not mean we can lie to children about it, especially in their education.

“But, you cannot teach lies by feeding something which is not true. Why on earth do they think they can get away with this?” she added.

We hope that the Ministry of Education will be correcting the textbook so that our children can learn accurate historical facts.

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  1. Actually what mentioned in the textbook is correct. The first needle compass in a water was invented by Baylak Al Qibjaqi. The one invented by the Chinese is using magnetic STONE. If u read properly, u will see in the book clearly stated “KOMPAS JARUM”. We all know compass was invented by the chinese. 😁.

    Learn, read dont be a twit.

  2. The misrepresentation is by siti kassim herself. Look at the text properly.. kompas jarum dicipta pada zaman tamadun islam… not dicipta oleh islam. Come on la.. why are u guys doing this? Causing hatred on muslims? Is this your agenda. Is siti kassim really as muslim or anti muslims? On the non muslims jump on the opportunity to slam the muslims?

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