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Malaysia’s new frozen yoghurt brand II.Ia.Io came under criticism for brand plagiarism

Social NewsMalaysia's new frozen yoghurt brand II.Ia.Io came under criticism for brand plagiarism

Llaollao has been in Malaysia for some years now and it has been one of the Malaysian favourites.

Recently, a new frozen yoghurt brand has opened its first outlet in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. The outlet was called II.Ia.Io Malaysia and they are offering 50% discounts as an opening promotion.

However, Malaysians were quick to notice one thing, which is II.Ia.Io Malaysia look way too similar to the famous llaollao and even the name is sounds similar.


In a Facebook post, II.Ia.Io Malaysia wrote, “Alhamdulillah, we are open to the public starting 11am to 10pm. Let’s come together at II.Ia.Io, Ampang. Promotions of up to 50% based on certain terms. Enjoy now!”

In the comment sections, Malaysians have called out the new brand for blatant plagiarising the established brand, llaollao.

Source: Facebook

Netizens also pointed out that even the shape of their spoon is the same and what’s different is only II.Ia.Io’s theme colour of sky blue.

“Find la your own identity, why do you have to copy? Until the spoon and the font (of the branding) is exactly the same.” a netizen commented.

A netizen also asked if llaollao will be taking legal actions against II.Ia.Io for plagiarism.

In the meantime, llaollao Malaysia has yet to formally respond to the ruckus, but they did take it to their social media to express what they think of this new frozen yoghurt business.


While there’s nothing wrong with opening a frozen yoghurt store, the team should have spend more effort on coming up with more original branding and differentiate themselves from other brands.

As it is now, II.Ia.Io Malaysia appears to be trying to ride on llaollao’s coattails.

What do you think of this new yoghurt brand? Share your thoughts!

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