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Local preacher claims jinns are causing autism in children, netizens are not having it

Social NewsLocal preacher claims jinns are causing autism in children, netizens are not...

Taking care of an autistic child is not an easy feat and it takes a lot of empathy and compassion.

Recently, a local preacher, who is also the ounder of a kindergarten has found herself came under fire from netizens for claiming that autism and speech delays in children are caused by the disturbance of the jinns (genies).

“A jin disturbs and gives the children this illness because they’re weak.” the preacher claimed.

The post was then shared again by the Public Health Malaysia (PHM) on their Facebook page and they urged the people to stop the stigma towards autism.

“So many accusations towards the parents with autistic children. Some say they don’t do a good job in taking care of their children, some say too much access to gadgets. Now jinns are at play.” PHM said.


PHM also expressed their stand in solidarity with the parents who are affected by this allegation.

Netizens expressed their disagreement with the preacher’s statement and slammed the preacher for blaming the jinns.

“Everything is the Jinn’s fault.” a netizen commented.

“That’s ridiculous. There’s a reason why things happen, don’t blame it on Jinns.” another netizen said.

Some netizens also shared their experience raising an autistic child. “I’m not a Muslim, but almost all preachers, regardless of where they’re from have said a similar thing. I have an autistic child and he’s far more talented than any other kid. We’ve got to be patient in taking care of these special children.” a netizen shared.

“Dear preacher, please refer back to Form 4 Science textbook. Autism is caused by differences in genes X & Y in someone’s body. The textbook explains about gene mutation and others.” another netizen shared.

Taking care of an autistic child can put a lot of strain on parents. Although there’s not much we can help, there’s at least one thing we can do, which is to spread awareness and stop the stigmas towards autism.

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