Thursday, March 30, 2023

KKM: There will be no ‘wiping’ of vaccination certificate on MySejahtera

NewsKKM: There will be no 'wiping' of vaccination certificate on MySejahtera

There is a viral message circulating that claims that the Health Ministry (KKM) will wipe off the MySejahtera digital certificates of around 2 million people who have refused to take the booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine soon.

The message also warned that the ministry may accidentally wipe off the certificates of everyone else. Hence, it advised everyone to screenshot their MySejahtera digital certificate for safekeeping in case this happens.

In response, KKM refuted the viral message and assured the public that there will be no “wiping” of vaccine certificates.


The ministry explained that vaccination statuses will only be changed to “incomplete” for Sinovac vaccine recipients and those aged 60 years and above who have yet to receive their booster doses.

“There will be no ‘wiping’ of certificates. Only the ‘Fully vaccinated’ status will be changed to incomplete for the two categories below who have not received their Covid-19 booster shot.”

Source: KL Foodie

“For those aged 18 and above who have received the Sinovac vaccine, as well as those aged 60 and above with any Covid-19 vaccine,” it said in a statement.

Last week, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin revealed that over 2 million Sinovac vaccine recipients in the country are set to lose their vaccination status by the end of the month after failing to get their booster shots. 

In late 2021, he said that the full vaccination privileges will be withdrawn if these people do not obtain a booster dose by 28 February.

However, Khairy has agree to extend the period for another month, with the deadline now falling on 31 March. 

The Health Ministry has been urging the people to get their booster shots as studies had indicated a reduced vaccine efficacy against the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

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