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#StopUsingMySejahtera, Malaysians calls for the public to stop using the app over data security concerns

On Saturday (26 March), the Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had in a statement called for the government to explain the sale of Malaysia’s Covid-19 tracker application MySejahtera to a private firm.

Anwar also pointed out the possible abuse of personal information obtained through the app, which was developed to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the exposé, calls to boycott the use of the government’s MySejahtera application are mounting up on Twitter, under the hashtag #StopUsingMySejahtera.

According to Anwar, he said the application has garnered over 11 billion check-ins since December 2020, and the data collected contains users’ personal preferences, consumption patterns and social networks.

The revelations have led many netizens to question the need to continue using MySejahtera and place their privacy under the scrutiny of a private entity.

“Is MySejahtera turning into MySpy? If so, we should stop using the app to check-in until @KKMPutrajaya (Health Ministry) takes full ownership instead of being handed to private individuals,” a netizen said.

“I’ve told you the MySejahtera app is much more insidious than the push for jabs. Do yourself a favor, Malaysians—uninstall the app right now.” another netizen said.

Some netizens also criticised the government for wasting a lot of taxpayers’ money to develop the app to just be sold to a private company.

On the other hand, some urged the government to draw up an exit plan to discontinue the use of MySejahtera as Malaysia begins its transition to endemic phase in April.

“Hard to believe that private companies have altruistic intentions – likely to be the first step to commercialisation.”

“What is the value and importance of this application now that we have moved into an endemic phase?”

“There should be an exit plan for us to stop using MySejahtera,” a netizen said.

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