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Scalpers are reselling MoonSwatch at a higher price, but be careful of fake watches being sold

Many Malaysians were willing to queue for hours outside Pavilion KL just to get their hands on the cheapest Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch line, worth RM1,065, yesterday (26 March).

What makes it more absurd is it’s not a limited edition watch and it will be available online soon.

Due to its popularity, it’s not a surprise to find scalpers reselling the same watch online at a higher price.

Zen The Geek shared a few screenshots of the watch listings online to lament about scalpers.

They suggested Omega and Swatch make as many of the watches as they could so people would not purchase the watch from scalpers.

A current search showed a list of MoonSwatch for sale on Carousell Malaysia, but there is no knowing if it’s a genuine or fake listing.

In addition, some users have taken matters into their own hands and made fake posts to prevent scalpers from making profits.


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