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“Rogol Time” Netizens slams local actor for making rape jokes

Social News“Rogol Time” Netizens slams local actor for making rape jokes

Rape is not a joke and it should not be made into a joke.

Recently, Malaysian actor Erry Putra found himself trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons. This came after a netizen uploaded a screenshot taken from one of his posts on Instagram.

Apparently, the local actor had uploaded a photo of him filming on set with his female co-star and the caption angered many netizens. Erry wrote in the caption, “Rogol (rape) time” along with the emoji that showed a zany face and sweat droplets emojis.

Netizens were quick to criticise him for his distasteful caption and many expressed their disgust over Erry’s lewd joke shared on his social media account.

Some also accused the “Si Capik” actor of copying Zul Ariffin’s controversial promotional strategy, where Zul recently gain massive attention from the after he posted a snippet of his steamy scene with another actress on his Instagram account.

“Rape is not a word that you can easily use at will. Some of the victims find it hard to live with the trauma of it. I know it’s just acting, but not all things can be made a joke. At least be mindful and be more sensitive with your word,” a netizen said.

“Disgusting! Rape isn’t a joke lah stupid! It’s never funny!! He is just as stupid as Fauzi Nawawi.” another netizen commented.

Following the backlashes, the local actor has not respond to the controversy but he has since made his Instagram private.

Rape jokes are not funny and we should look into this heinous act of rape seriously instead of brushing it off just like that. Nonetheless, if rape jokes are what passes for humour for someone, you might want to question their sense of morality and decency instead.

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