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Watch: Ambulance becomes victim of road bullies while on the way to hospital with patient

Social NewsWatch: Ambulance becomes victim of road bullies while on the way to...

An ambulance that was on the way to the hospital with a patient was blocked and harassed on the road by 2 individuals around 2.23 pm on Thursday (24 March).

The ambulance was taking a dialysis patient to Hospital Sri Kota, Klang when a white Toyota Hiace and a blue Modernas Kriss motorcycle worked together to block its path.

In the viral video, it showed that the ambulance driver was warning the driver of the Toyota Hiace not to tailgate to avoid an accident. However, the van driver drove even closer and tailgated the ambulance the whole way.


Warning ⚠️ alert. Disclaimer: kami off siren sebab patient non emergency. Transport 1 patient bed ridden pergi ke pusat dialysis…Dan terjadilaaa benda ni🤬tlng viralkan…report polis sudah buat #kenebuli #warning⚠️ #ambulans #fyp

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Not long after, a motorcycle overtook the ambulance before obstructing its path. The motorist then got off his vehicle, approached the side door and demanded the ambulance driver to come down and face him.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Hiace stopped beside the ambulance to corner the vehicle.

Source: TikTok

The panicking ambulance driver quickly reversed his vehicle before speeding off to the nearest police station to avoid conflict. He also told his assistants to call their superior.

Another video recorded by a medical assistant, it showed the motorcycle and Toyota Hiace putting up a chase but they exited at an intersection after realising that his face was being recorded.

According to FMT, the police managed to arrest the two suspects aged 53 and 30 at 4 pm on Friday (25 March).

South Klang district police chief Cha Hoong Fong said the ambulance driver lodged a report with the Klang police station.

He added that both suspects did not have any past records and the police will make a remand application tomorrow at the Klang Court.

The case is investigated under Section 279 of the Penal Code for driving in a rash or dangerous manner on a public road and under Section 341 of the Penal Code for wrongful obstruction.

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