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M’sians are camping overnight outside of Pavilion KL to get their hands on the cheapest Omega ever!

Omega and Swatch have joined forces to bring Malaysians an unexpected watch collection project, named the BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch. The watch series is said to be only available in a few selected stores in each country.

As for Malaysia, the MoonSwatch collection has officially dropped at Swatch Pavilion KL earlier this morning (26 March), as revealed on the shopping mall’s official Instagram.

However, it appears that Malaysians have been longing to get their hands on the watches. Several photos went circulating on social media, showing how the fans have been camping outside the mall overnight to be the first to buy the watches.

Originally, customers were allowed to buy 2 watches per person, but it was changed to 1 watch per person as the demand skyrocketed.

While many are worried that the watches would be sold out quickly, it was later revealed that the Omega x Swatch collection is not limited edition. This means that fans can expect a second or third batch coming in soon.

In addition, it is said that fans can soon purchase it online too.

What’s the hype about?

It turns out that fans are excited not only because the watches are quite pretty, but it is dubbed as “Omega’s most affordable watch ever” that is priced at only RM1,065.

The majority of watches by the Swiss luxury watch brand are in the five-figure mark and up, costing anywhere from RM13,000 to RM300,000.

Understandably, most Malaysians are grabbing this opportunity to purchase the luxury brand at such an affordable price.

However, the watches are not limited edition and they will soon get a restock. Perhaps it would be worth it to wait a little longer or buy it online instead.


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  1. Sometimes, a branded product selling cheap, I would be curious about its real quality.

    Sometimes the goods are made for a special purpose and quality and it’s standard might not be equivalent to the normal quality productions selling in the high street stores.

    It is important to observe and check properly before buying. I just wouldn’t believe that their qualities are the same. Just look at the prices comparisons… then use your common sense, you would not expect they are the same level of quality… are you? I did had such experiences in UK. The brand is the same but the products are not the same quality. It was a special order for a special sales. So check carefully before making your investment decision. Certainly I would not jump blindly into it.

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