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JPJ is getting a new TV series, but netizens poked fun about it

What comes into your mind when you hear of JPJ? Most would think about renewing our licenses or paying traffic fines.

Recently, the government department, Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) announced a TV series that featured the department, titled “Skuad JPJ” which will soon be on air.

The series will have 13 episodes and it will start airing on TV1 (RTM) starting from 4 April from Monday to Thursday, 11.10 am to 12 pm.

In the Facebook post, JPJ hopes that the upcoming series will do well and further apply good values ​​to the people in upholding the laws and rules of the road.

However, netizens have a lot to comment about the series despite it was not even released yet. Since the announcement, netizens reacted to the poster and question what the series will be about.

Source: KL Foodie

Most shared their own personal experience with JPJ. Meanwhile, some were confused as to why the officers in the poster are holding guns. Netizens also made fun about how each episode will be like.

“Hope there will be a scene where someone queues for more than an hour and when they reach the counter, the staff will say: “Sorry miss, we don’t accept cash as it is Covid season. Only online payment.” a netizen commented.

“Will there be action scenes where they chase after overloaded lorries? If they do then it will be awesome.” another netizen asked.

Another netizen wrote sarcastically “Fortunately they did not show the scene at the JPJ counter. Imagine the scene with only 2 actors and their props being a piece of A4 paper showing ‘system down’. One episode is enough to conclude the series.”

“Skuad JPJ” isn’t the first police TV series in Malaysia. In the 90s, we had “Gerak Khas” and “Roda-Roda Kuala Lumpur” which was one of the Malaysian’s favourite series.

Will you be watching this TV series? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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