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South Korean doctor says those who did not get Covid-19 have no friends

Social NewsSouth Korean doctor says those who did not get Covid-19 have no...

With the Covid-19 virus spreading rampantly in our community, it’s sort of like a waiting game before you or anyone close to you catch the virus. However, if you have never been infected by the virus, a South Korean physician believes that it is because you have no friends.

Taking his comment to his Facebook account, Vice President of the Korean Vaccine Society Ma Sang-hyuk wrote “The adults who have not yet been infected with COVID-19 are those who have interpersonal problems.”

After receiving tremendous backlash from netizens, Ma deleted the post, but the screenshots continued to circulate across the internet.

Ma has previously advocated for “living with” the virus and urged the government to put more effort into treating the virus instead of enforcing social distancing regulations.

In an interview with the local news outlet, Ma explained that his “interpersonal problems” remark was simply a metaphor to show it is impossible for people to not contract the virus.

Source: Reuters

We are not lonely, we prioritise health

Ma’s comment has since sparked a debate online with many netizens said they are putting their health above social life.

“What a weird way to say that you prioritize your social life over the safety of yourself and others.” a netizen said.

“I’m laughing so much at this. We are deliberately doing our utmost not to get infected and infect others… Seriously so the ones of us that haven’t contracted it are now made to be losers?” another netizen commented.

South Korea is currently experiencing daily Covid-19 case number increases that exceed 400,000 and the number of critical cases and deaths are also skyrocketing.

According to News 18, 86.6% of the South Korean population is fully vaccinated while 63.2% of the population have received their booster jabs.

Looking back at our country, the government has announced that the country will enter the endemic phase starting 1 April, but it also stressed the importance of the basic SOPs, such as wearing a face mask.

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