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Bored of your smartphone case? Now you can print your NFTs on your smartphone case

Hong Kong-based manufacturer Casetify is launching the first-ever verified NFT smartphone case with a non-fungible token printed directly on it.

The new NFT Your Case platform uses NFT verification technology to create personalised phone cases. The idea is to be able to print a verified NFT directly onto your phone case.

How does it work?

Users have to connect to their wallet and choose from their collection an NFT to print on the case, then order it via the dedicated platform. This platform is compatible with Coinbase and WalletConnect. Each case produced in this way will have an exclusive NFT QR code printed under the work in question, tracing its origin and featuring its metadata.

An NFT is a unique, certified digital token, guaranteeing its exclusivity. Some of the most distinctive NFTs on the market today are the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection of cartoon monkeys.

Meanwhile, these NFT smartphone cases start from US$45 (the equivalent of about 0.014 ETH/RM190) and can be shipped worldwide. They are made of 65 per cent recycled materials, and offer bezel screen protection and a flash-absorbing camera ring. They are currently compatible with the iPhone 8 and all newer Apple models, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21. 


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