Friday, March 31, 2023

Scammer scolds “babi” after failing to trick M’sian into transferring him money

NewsScammer scolds "babi" after failing to trick M'sian into transferring him money

It definitely feels great to be able to troll scammers and annoy them.

Recently, a teacher in Slim River, Perak by the name of Ahmad managed to pull off such a trick on a scammer he encountered and annoyed him till the scammer scolded him “babi”.

Speaking to Harian Metro, Ahmad was contacted by his friend on Telegram asking for RM1,000, but he soon realised that the person he was talking to is definitely not his friend and that it was a scammer.

“When I realised that my friend’s phone had been compromised by a scammer, I gave in to the scammer’s request.” he said.

After realising that, Ahmad decides to troll him. So, he followed his instructions and went over to the bank to transfer RM0.05 to the scammer and sent the receipt over.

Source: Harian Metro

The scammer was enraged and mocked Ahmad by calling him “babi” and the conversation ended there.

After that incident, Ahmad said scammers these days are really sly to use the identities of the people close to us to borrow money and promise to return it soon.

“If we didn’t think too much of it then we would have just transferred the amount they wanted to an account that may be a mule account.” he added.

Ahmad also revealed that his colleague had the same message from the scammer too, but they had asked for the money to be transferred to a different account number.

That’s a next level move from Ahmad. Nonetheless, here’s an advice to run a check on the phone or account number on Semak Mule if you have any suspicions that a person is a scammer.

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