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M’sian food blogger Ceddy’s honest review attracts criticism of being bias, but netizens support him

Source: Twitter

Being a food reviewer, one important thing is to give your honest opinion about how the food taste.

Recently, Malaysian food blogger Ceddy visited Singapore where he gave his feedback about the food at Newton Food Centre.

In his tweet, he also revealed that was the place featured in a scene of Crazy Rich Asians. However, he said the food there was not up to his expectations.

“Maybe I’m a little bias, but the food here isn’t something that will make me go OMGOSH SO SEDAAAAP! It’s decent.” he added.

Ceddy then explain that the food there was lacking in flavour and our local Malaysian food is better. “Our food is still supreme. I will however, commend them for making sure the food centre is clean.” he wrote.

He added that he will have an upcoming video to explain more about the food at Newton Food Centre too.

Unfortunately, not everyone was enamoured with his honesty and some netizens even accused him of being biased. “No point making your trip to Singapore and attempting a review if your mind is already set and biased, brother.” a netizen said.

In response, Ceddy said he was not there for the mediocre food. He also reassured that he was not in an offensive mode when talking about the food at Newton Food Centre. “I think people do have comprehension issues,” he added.

The ‘food fight’ has gained the attention of netizens and many supported Ceddy for his honest review. Meanwhile, even netizens from Singapore admitted that the food at Newton is indeed not that tasty.

Some pointed out that comparing food between Malaysia and Singapore is a futile thing as it is completely different. “Sometimes I don’t understand why SG and MY quarrel over who has better foods. I lived there for 6 years. I find that a lot of SG hawker foods are quite DIFFERENT. Like comparing orange and apple.” a netizen said.

Nonetheless, Ceddy is known for being outspoken about his opinions and he has never insisted that his opinions were one that everyone should listen to.

After all, as the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. We should respect everybody’s opinion, despite them being different from yours.

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