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Ministers absent from Parliament should have their salaries deducted

Some ministers have been absent during the question-and-answer sessions in Dewan Negara recently and RSN Rayer has a suggestion for the absentees. 

“Ministers who are absent from Parliament to answer questions should have their salaries cut,” he said in Parliament during the Q&A session.

Rayer added that the Johor state election and the UMNO congress are over but the government ministers were nowhere to be seen in the morning.

Meanwhile, he also thanked all deputy ministers who attended the Q&A session and suggested an increase in salaries for the deputy ministers who were present.

Although there is a dispute going on between Perikatan Nasional and Barisan Nasional, the ministers were not present, and Rayer sees this as a form of disrespect towards the Speaker which is not in accordance with the Senate’s Standing Order.

You can listen to Rayer’s statement below.


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