Thursday, December 8, 2022

“Married women should delete their socials” Netizens disagree such conservative thinking

Social News"Married women should delete their socials" Netizens disagree such conservative thinking

Even married couples should have boundaries and we should always respect their personal space. However, some people are just testing these boundaries.

Recently, a Twitter user @syaazaazainal shared how a man approached her and asked if it was true that she is married. The man said she is so pretty that she did not look she’s married.

Syaza responded by saying, “My husband is asking, what does a married person look like?”

However, the man gave an absurd response: “A married person shuts down social media, stays indoors, is always covered when outside. Old school. Otherwise, men like me will get confused.”

Following that, he apologised for asking and asked Syaza to send his regards to her husband.

Netizens were amused of how the man thought Syaza didn’t look like a married person. Some asked if a married person cannot look presentable or nice.

Meanwhile, some netizens were surprised as to how a person can be so conservative, as it he is living in the 80s or 90s.

“It’s now 2022 and women can’t enjoy life when they’re married? Hope my future husband will not be like him.” a netizen commented.

I don’t know but this person just showed you that he is the type who likes to control his spouse and whatever that could be worse. If I was you, I would have replied to him: “Thank God I did not marry you. Can’t even enjoy life.” another netizen shared.

A netizen then asked if married men should do the same too. “Married men should delete their social media accounts too then. Be old school, cover up and don’t go to the gym. Go to work and after that just come back and play with the kids and show attention to the wife. Don’t go and have ‘me’ time with friends at the mamak. You agree?”

Have you met anyone with such a mindset? Share your unpleasant experience in the comment section!

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