Chubby stray dog gets regular fed by Nasi Lemak Stall Owner caught netizens attention

Having nasi lemak as one of Malaysia’s most loved dishes – nothing hits the spot quite like a nasi lemak bungkus from a roadside stall. Amusingly, it seems like a stray dog in Cyberjaya is enjoying the dish as much as us hoomans.

The chubby dog has been stealing the hearts of netizens since photos of her hanging around a nasi lemak stall began circulating on social media. Many have been gushing over her chonky-ness, as the dog happens to be a favourite ‘customer’ that was regularly fed free meals by the makcik who runs the stall. 

Nicknamed Ms Chonky by the volunteers

A non-profit pet adoption platform My Forever Doggo posted several pictures of the adorable doggo on both their Instagram and Facebook pages on 19th March 2022. The photos were originally shared by a netizen Putri Nur Syuhadah to the Facebook group Kelab Pencinta Anjing, with the caption, “The result of eating aunty’s nasi lemak every day”.

Nicknamed Ms Chonky by the volunteers, the chubby stray dog often lingered around the makcik’s nasi lemak stall in Cyberjaya, located in front of Q Cells factory. The makcik – bless her heart – was unable to ignore a hungry stray, and would feed the dog with food from her stall regularly.

According to locals in the area, the doggo is also called “Fatty” and is often fed by the makcik and her husband who run the stall.

The dog’s regular appearance at the stall to get her fix of food is not all unlike us humans who can’t get enough of the fragrant rice meal either. Being fed with such a hearty meal daily, it is no wonder that the stray dog gained a considerable amount of weight.

Hilariously, there were even passers-by who thought that the well-fed dog was pregnant due to her size. However, Putri assured everyone that stray dogs around the area have been spayed and neutered, and so she wasn’t pregnant, just adorably round.

We applaud the makcik for her show of compassion towards animals in her community, as her actions show how we can look after stray animals that are often left hungry and have to scavenge for food.

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