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Watch: M’sian sings “Saya Anak Malaysia” at 2022 All England Match, cheering our national athletes!

Source: Twitter

There are many ways for one to show their patriotism to their country.

Recently, a single Malaysian supporter caught the attention of netizens after he was recorded singing the song “Saya Anak Malaysia” passionately during Tan Kian Meng/Tan Wee Kiong’s match at the All England Open Badminton Championship.

The video was uploaded by Twitter user Z (@theone_xyz) and he shared that it was his favourite moment during the match when he heard the man singing the song at the top of his lungs.

He also asked whether Malaysians could use it as an additional chant to accompany ‘Malaysia Boleh.’

Meanwhile, Z managed to track down the man behind the voice and found out that it was a Malaysian student named Chan Wei Hoong (@DarenceChan).

Chan is an avid badminton fan and said he aimed to make a lot of noise in the Birmingham Arena, just like Malaysia’s own Axiata Arena.

In a conversation, Chan shared that it was the only day he could watch the match as he is busy with university. He excitedly shared that he even visited our national players’ hotel.

“I saw M Thinaah, Hoo Pang Ron, Cheah Yee See, Ong Yew Sin, and Teo Ee Yi.”

“I told them I was singing at them so passionately yesterday that they could literally hear me. After their matches, they immediately came and see me and greet me,” he said.

Netizens praised Chan for his confidence to sing in public and thanked him for showing his support for our national athletes.

They said his singing made them feel a burst of patriotism too.

Some echoed the same sentiment with Z that “Saya Anak Malaysia” should be the chant of Malaysian supporters.

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