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M’sians expressed disgust in local drama “Perempuan Itu” because it is too steamy for Ramadan Month

Local actor Zul Ariffin found himself in hot water after he shared a teaser of his upcoming movie titled “Perempuan Itu”, directed by Erma Fatima, on his Instagram account.

The teaser showed Zul Ariffin and the actress Siti Hariesa portraying their characters in steamy and suggestive positions. In the scene, Siti Hariesa’s character can be seen feeding Zul Ariffin’s character whipped cream with her finger.

Things got heated up between them and Zul Ariffin’s character was seen carrying Siti Hariesa’s character up to the table in a suggestive position too.

The drama film “Perempuan Itu” is said to be released during the Ramadan month and it didn’t go well with netizens. Many expressed their disgust after seeing the teaser for the film.

Following the backlashes, Zul Ariffin has since removed the video from his Instagram account. However, the damage has already been done and the clip has gone circulating on social media.

Netizens in general thinks the film is unsuitable for the Malaysian crowd, especially among Muslims, during Ramadan.

Some pointed out that the film had promoted soft porn and they questioned why the film was given the green light by TV3. Some even wondered how the company will censor some of the speech and suggestive scenes.

In the meantime, some netizens supported the local actor and the film and suggested that others keep an open mind because the film portrayed real-life.

A netizen pointed out that the conservative minds of the people in Malaysia is what hindered sex education in schools.

It appears that there’s still a long way to go for many Malaysians to learn how to have mature and healthy conversations about sex.

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