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Imagine this Old Mickey Mouse Shirt sold for RM890

A bundle clothes seller known as Nikpokden (@nikpokden) on TikTok was recently criticised for selling a yellow old-looking Mickey Mouse shirt for RM890.

Meanwhile, netizens said the old and tattered looking shirt shouldn’t be worth RM890. They think Nikpokden wrote the price wrongly as it should be RM8.90 instead.

However, another netizen said there will always be buyers as long as there’s interest, especially if it is a limited edition item.

Nikpokden got into the bundle clothes business in 2017 out of interest. The father of five has no experience in selling bundle clothes but decided to give it a try to make ends meet.

He reportedly started his business with about RM200 to RM300 and slowly grew his business on Facebook and TikTok only. Fortunately, most of his customers are his friends and return customers.

The exorbitantly priced yellow Mickey Mouse shirt was bought by a return customer from Kelantan who loves collecting anything related to Mickey Mouse.

Nikpokden explained that the shirt is an 80s vintage and the shirt looked crumpled because he had just pulled it out from the sack of clothes.

He understood that not everyone knows how bundle clothes are valued because they don’t get how things work in the bundle clothing world.

Moreover, he said that customers who understood this would check the collar tag on clothes to ascertain its value, and they could tell if it’s a fake.

Nevertheless, he’s undeterred and might open a physical shop soon. He’s confident that more people will understand the prices of some bundle clothing when his business grows.


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