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Ever thought why Perodua vehicles can go through floods casually? Here’s why!

Source: TikTok

We often see the King of the road, Perodua Myvi driving through the floods casually, while vehicles of the other brands were stranded nearby. This has also caused some of us to wonder if the drivers’ skills are all it takes or guts.

According to a Mg3hub, an automobile tutorial channel on TikTok, it had revealed that this feat is only made possible as the height of the air intake of Perodua vehicles is much higher than other cars.

It then explained that the height of the air intake plays an important role in determining if your car is safe to go through the flood.


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For instance, the Perodua Axia can go through a flood that is as deep as 2.5 feet. If we look at other cars, most of their air intakes are located at the front of the vehicle. This then explains why their engines are prone to damage in floodwater.

According to Reve, the function of the air intake system is to allow air to reach your engine. Oxygen in the air is one of the necessary elements for the engine combustion process.

Nonetheless, it is always safer to wait for the floods to subside before continuing on your journey. If you need to get through the floodwater, here are some points for you to do so safely.

A video by MysumberTV explains that you’ll need to estimate the depth of the floodwater by observing the cars that can go through the flood.

It also explained that this is not the time for you to speed and you’ll need to drive slowly.

If you’re driving a manual car, stay with Gear 1. If you’re driving an auto, stick to D. Make sure the speed is consistent and don’t shift gears while you’re at it or the floodwater will enter the exhaust system which will cause damage.

After getting through the flood, it also advised you to step on the brakes to dry the drum and the brake pad.

We do not hope for another flood but this will come in handy if you are stuck in a flood. If you do not have the confidence to get through the floods, it’s best to wait for help.

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