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There’s a McDonald’s museum in Alor Setar with over 70,000 collectibles like its first-ever menu and more!

Social NewsThere's a McDonald's museum in Alor Setar with over 70,000 collectibles like...

McDonalds has been in Malaysia since the 80’s and it has been one of our favourite fast food chains. Over the years, it has introduced thousands of toys and product collectibles.

Recently, someone in Alor Setar has just opened Malaysia’s first fast-food museum, where visitors can take a trip down memory lane to see thousands of toy and product collectables over the years.

Taking it to Twitter, user Neyra alerted Malaysians of this rare gem of a museum. In a tweet, she wrote “In Alor Setar, there’s a museum that displayed various merchandises and items from McDonald’s.”

“All the McD things were collected from his father’s time till now.”

“First McD uniform in Malaysia, first Happy Meals in Malaysia, packaging, sauce, they have everything,” she added.

Source: Twitter

Neyra also shared several pictures of the items in the museum, showing off the past menus, promotional boards and posters the museum has. She also took photos of the huge collections of McD toys the owner had after years of accumulating them.

This will definitely be an eye-opener for many. Several of you might even have some of these toys.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Lee Jain Wen and his 62-year-old father, Lee Choon Chiek, said that they have been collecting McDonald’s items from around the world for years. His dad started his collection in 1978 when he was just 17.

Source: Twitter

Lee said that they have had over 70,000 toy and product collectibles from McDonald’s over 4 decades, but only 40,000 were placed in the museum due to the lack of space. In the museum, you’ll find the the fast food chain’s previous sauce packagings, posters, and figurines from the 70’s and many other collectibles.

So, if you are heading to Alor Setar, we suggest dropping by for an hour of two to enjoy a bit of childhood nostalgia!

Admission fee is RM10 per person.

Opening hours:

10am – 7pm (Daily)

2521, Belakang Pekan Pumpong,
05250 Alor Setar, Kedah

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