Monday, November 28, 2022

M’sian Food Vlogger Ceddy receives criticism for not verifying halal status of restaurant, netizens supports him

Social NewsM'sian Food Vlogger Ceddy receives criticism for not verifying halal status of...

While most people rely solely on the recommendation by a food reviewer or an influencer, we should always remember it is our responsibility to decide whether that particular restaurant is suitable for us.

Recently, vlogger and food reviewer, Ceddy shared a few screenshots of his conversation with a netizen who suggested that he “take a step further” by verifying the halal status of a restaurant.

This came after Ceddy’s video about a Dim Sum restaurant at a mall in PJ, where the netizen visited only to find out they are only pork-free instead of halal as claimed by Ceddy.

Source: Twitter

“I think you better be careful with your choice of words when describing the halal status of a restaurant,” the netizen told him.

She then said Ceddy should have referred to JAKIM’s website before declaring the halal status of a place.

In response, Ceddy said he did not simply label a place as “halal” unless the staff at the place said so. He added that he has always enjoyed his food hunting journey and finding out halal places for his viewers.

“But to expect me to verify it through JAKIM’s website, I don’t think it’s fair to me,” he said.

In a tweet, Ceddy apologised to his fans and said he tried his best to check if the place is halal. “Sorry it’s not good enough lah ya, I tried.” he said.

Ceddy’s post went viral on social media but most of the netizens have shown support to him. Netizens also said that it is not his responsibility to go the extra mile just to verify the halal status.

Meanwhile, a netizen highlighted that it takes time for the restaurant to obtain a halal certificate from JAKIM as it is not a simple process. “Took my old company months to obtain the halal certificate when the cooking is 100% halal. We sold Briyani Rice & Arabic cuisines. No Halal from JAKIM does not mean the food is haram.”

Nonetheless, a netizen thinks that Ceddy may have overreacted as the netizen thinks the person who reached out to her meant no harm, although her method was questionable.

Should a food reviewer take a step further to verify the halal status of a place? Or do you think it’s the consumer’s responsibility to do so? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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