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Watch: Ford Raptor with keyless entry system got stolen within seconds in Shah Alam

Social NewsWatch: Ford Raptor with keyless entry system got stolen within seconds in...

Vehicles these days have digital door locks and car keys instead of classic ones. While it may look cool and modern, a recent incident had showed that it may not be as secured as we thought it is.

A Facebook user, Marina Liaw recently took to Facebook mega-group KL吹水站 about how her brother-in-law’s car got stolen in Shah Alam.

In the post, she said that the car was stolen on 10 March at about 1 pm in Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam.

Source: Facebook

The video she shared showed a masked man walking from the road calmly towards the parked grey Raptor while seemingly putting on gloves.

Surprisingly, the masked thief did not face any problems opening the car door and was able to start the car and move it in about 10 seconds. He then drove off the vehicle and went missing until now.

Meanwhile, Marina clarified that they did lock the car doors but the car uses a keyless entry system. According to Angela (Marina’s sister and the victim’s wife), the keyless system might have been hacked or copied.

She suspects that they were targeted when they went to a carwash in Puchong a day before the incident.

“My husband noticed that he kept seeing the same Vellfire that even stopped beside his car at once. I saw it again once during lunchtime but my husband thought that it was just someone living in that area.” Angela said.

They then found that the thief exited from the same Vellfire when they reviewed the longer CCTV footage.

Source: Facebook

Many of the netizens were shocked that the entire process only took a few seconds. Some pointed out that the thieves are targeting Raptors, while others questioned why the driver did not put on a steering lock.

In response, Marina said her brother-in-law only parked for a while so he didn’t think to put on the steering lock.

She added that they have since lodged a police report. If you see the grey Raptor with the license plate VGP6033, please contact 03-5520 2222.

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