Thursday, March 30, 2023

“We have more serious issues to deal with!” M’sians questioned the need for ‘tutup aurat’ billboard in Kelantan

Social News"We have more serious issues to deal with!" M'sians questioned the need...

According to the Islam religion, Muslim women must wear head covering (hijab) and clothes that allow them to ‘tutup aurat’ so as to not show too much skin to other people.

While most Muslims knows about this fact, the authorities in Kelantan went a step further by erecting a billboard at a major intersection that was aimed at reminding Muslim women to cover up whenever possible.

The photo was shared on Reddit, showing 2 women wrapping up a dead both with one of them said the deceased had finally covered her ‘aurat’, while the other recalled how the deceased used to say how no one could “force her to cover up”.

The post had sparked a huge debate among netizens with many criticising the billboard, at the same time, asking the authorities to focus on more pressing issues such as rape, corruption, and drug abuse instead.

Source: Reddit

Some also asked why the authorities are so keen on making women cover their ‘aurat’ as this was a matter between them and God.

Meanwhile, this is not the first incident where the authorities are stressing that women should ‘tutup aurat‘.

From time to time, politicians will bring up the topic on uniforms of the Malaysian Airlines for being too revealing for the Muslim air stewardesses.

In December 2021, Kuala Krai Member of Parliament (MP) Abdul Latiff Abdul Rahman has in the Dewan Rakyat highlighted this issue and asked if the government will look into this.

Do you believe the ‘tutup aurat’ matter is of equal importance with other kinds of social problems? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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