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“Please don’t buy Proton” Man warns M’sians of the subpar quality and customer service

Social News"Please don’t buy Proton" Man warns M'sians of the subpar quality and...

Malaysia’s first national car, the Proton Saga was introduced by the national carmaker Proton. This also marked a major milestone in the Malaysian automotive industry.

However, the national car brand did not go well with Malaysians due to the quality of the vehicles it produces. Over the years, Malaysians had been complaining about the poor quality but it did not seem to improve over time.

Recently, a Twitter user who works as a full-time Grab driver has taken to social media to warn Malaysians not to purchase any cars produced by Proton.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, he expressed his frustration over the multiple problems he had encountered with Proton-made cars.

“Please don’t buy Proton. Even if you have money or don’t have money, do not spend your money buying a product from Proton.” he said.

Meanwhile, he claimed that he had sent his Proton to the service for multiple inspections and had spent about RM50k to RM60k in repair costs.

He then pointed out that what annoyed him most is the same issue always seemed to return and he was also shocked when he was told by a worker at a workshop that inferior materials were used to make the car.

The Twitter user then shared a video of his claim and said that Proton’s cars were full of defects.

Following those remarks, he advised Malaysians to spend their money on international products instead.

“Go buy international products okay. I don’t care if you’re triggered by this. I used my money, not yours.”

In the comment section, netizens echoed his comments on the national car’s subpar quality and customer service.

Meanwhile, some netizens suggested that if people are looking for national cars, they can opt for Perodua too.

Are you an owner of a Proton car? Share with us if you encountered any of these issues in the comment section below!

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