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M’sians are upset after Nasi Lemak ranked ‘OK’ and outranked by Indonesia’s Bubur Ayam

Social NewsM'sians are upset after Nasi Lemak ranked 'OK' and outranked by Indonesia's...

A website ranking food around the world has recently upset Malaysians with their new list that labelled Malaysia’s nasi lemak as ‘OK’ with a passable score of 3.9.

The list by TasteAtlas features Southeast Asian best-ranked food, and nasi lemak is the only dish representing Malaysia. The nasi lemak was also ranked third-rate as Singapore’s chilli crab.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ lumpiang Shanghai and tortang talong both have the highest rating at 4.8, followed closely by Indonesia’s bubur ayam at 4.7. At the second tier, Vietnam’s pho, Thailand’s pad thai, and Indonesia’s satay are labelled ‘GREAT’ with a score of 4.3, 4.2, and 4.2, respectively.

Bottom of the ranks was the Philippines’ balut, Indonesia’s acar, and Cambodia’s steamed curried fish, labelled the ‘WORST’ with a score of 2.7, 3.2, and 3.3, respectively.

According to TasteAtlas’, the ranks are based on data collected from their audiences and the list was shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.


Malaysians defend Nasi Lemak and denounce the ranking

“Nasi lemak will always be the best for me and many other Malaysians,” a netizen commented.

“Something must have gone terribly wrong with this poll the moment bubur wins over satay, pad thai, and pho,” another netizen commented.

“As a Malaysian, I’m fine with nasi lemak being on the upper end of the ‘OK’ range. After all, the taste and quality can differ significantly from shop to shop. But what the heck is chicken porridge doing in the upper echelon? Granted, porridge can be delicious but by default, it’s a relatively bland food. It’s like rating oats as a 4.5+ item,” contended a netizen.

Indonesians join the fight

“Bubur ayam from Indonesia is not tasteless as people think of normal porridge. It has curry soup, salty soy sauce, chilli sauce, and has more extra topping, such as fried chicken, cakwe (yau char kwai), satay, prawn cracker, salty egg, etc. It’s tasty and become favorite breakfast food for many people so maybe that is why it has a high rating,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, many pointed out that the list is unreliable as it does not feature many spicy food, something which the Southeast Asian region is known for.

“Haiya, when this thing is made by someone doesn’t love spicy food. How come nasi lemak get 3.5? That is the best dish. However, for Thai food, the best gonna be Thai green curry or massaman curry,” added netizen wrote.

What do you think about TasteAtlas’s ranking of Southeast Asian dishes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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