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“I Never Wanted To Be A Malaysian!” Miss International Malaysia finalist slammed for her poor attitude

Social News"I Never Wanted To Be A Malaysian!" Miss International Malaysia finalist slammed...

Representing the country at any international competition should be an honour as this showed that the country he/she originates from it is capable of producing talented individuals.

The Miss International Malaysia 2022 was finally able to be held this year after the competition was cancelled for 2 consecutive years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For this year, it has shortlisted 17 participants, where the winner will represent Malaysia at the 60th Miss International pageant.

Unfortunately, one of the finalists representing Malaysia, Abby Lee has received huge criticisms from a netizen during the last round of the finals.


In the post, the netizen included multiple screenshots of Abby’s Instagram stories where she repeatedly belittle her country of origin throughout the competition.

In one of the screenshots, Abby was caught expressing her feelings towards the country and said that she only participated in the competition because she was interested in it and not because she loved the country.

“Those who know me well know that I don’t even care the country. I never wanted to admit that I’m a Malaysian. Migration has always been my dream.” she said.

Source: Facebook

In addition, she had also lamented the fact that she wasn’t born in countries such as China or Japan after complaining that the photographer had failed to take a good picture of her during the competition.

“Why was I born in a village in Malaysia and not a big city in China? I love China and Japan,” she said.

Apart from that, Abby has also accused of being a racist after she sent an shared an long-winded message to a netizen, claiming that Muslims had a “low-class culture”.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, netizens called out to the beauty queen for her rudeness and poor attitude.

“Beauty pageant speak everything beautiful, powerful, positive vibes. Didn’t expect one to be rotten like this.” a netizen commented.

“Not even near perfect. Your heart is ugly.” another netizen commented.

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