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Does running 10km help with Covid-19 symptoms? This doctor debunks a viral claim

Social NewsDoes running 10km help with Covid-19 symptoms? This doctor debunks a viral...

Social media space in Malaysia when abuzz after a man claimed that going for a 10km run after testing positive for Covid-19 will help relieve the disease’s symptoms.

The video was originally shared on TikTok where the user showed the positive results from his Covid-19 self-test kit. The user later said that he could not sleep for the night and was sweating heavily.

He then decide to go on a 10km jog on the next day and said that the infection has not affected his stamina.

Source: Malay Mail

He also attempted a second self-test where the results came back negative.

The video that went viral on social media caught the attention of Dr Rafidah Abdullah, where she refuted his nonsensical claims that Covid-19 will be gone after a 10km run.

In a tweet, the consultant physician and nephrologist wrote “A 10km run can do away with Covid-19? Nonsense.”

Meanwhile, she said that those who are tested positive for Covid-19 should be in quarantine instead.

“Why would you go for a 10km run outdoors? To pass the virus to others?” she asked.

“There are such people. In my opinion, they should be arrested,” she added.

According to Dr Rafidah, the RTK Antigen test is merely a screening test and the patient will still be tested positive if undergone the RT-PCR test. She explained that the Covid-19 virus will not just disappear after the patient recovers and is safe to end their quarantine.

In addition, she also highlighted the risks of cardiac arrest when infected by Covid-19. She then advised Covid-19 patients to have sufficient rest, keep hydrated and eat healthily.

“Is that too difficult to ask? Don’t run a marathon. Wait first,” she added.

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