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PM Ismail: We will only call for GE15 once we are ready

NewsPM Ismail: We will only call for GE15 once we are ready

The next general election will only be called “once we are ready”, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob at the launch of the Bantuan Lesen Memandu Keluarga Malaysia (BLKM) programme on Sunday (13 March).

He also said that the Johor state election results will not jeopardise the working relationship between cabinet ministers who represent various political parties.

“Even the Melaka state election last year (November) saw tough battles among the political parties that contested but the cabinet remained unaffected by the results. The battle in Johor was intense but I am confident it will not ruin the working relationship of cabinet ministers.”

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“The cabinet ministers are professional and there is no issue about ‘cracks’ just because they represent various political parties. Discussions involving the country’s policies are decided together in the cabinet and are usually done based on consensus,” he was quoted as saying by NST.

When asked about the general election considering that Barisan Nasional (BN) currently as the momentum, he said the general election would be called “once we are ready”.

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“Every decision will be discussed seriously by the party. We cannot just call the general election just because a small group wants it done.”

“There are procedures to this. Once we are ready and the time is right, the election will be called,” he said, reported The Star.

Following BN’s landslide victory, Ismail said voters are now able to make comparisons by choosing the political party which could serve them better.

“Barisan previously governed for 61 years and there was no opportunity for the people to make comparisons between administrations.”

“Once there was a change in government, the people could see for themselves and evaluate the promises that were dished out.”

“They can now compare which is the better government that cares and helps the people.”

“It is now easy for them to make their choice as seen in Melaka, Johor and also in Sarawak,” he said.

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