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Najib said M’sians missed him as Prime Minister after BN’s landslide victory in Johor

Social NewsNajib said M'sians missed him as Prime Minister after BN's landslide victory...

Barisan Nasional (BN) has won 40 seats out of 56 seats that were contested in the recent Johor State Election, securing more than the required two-thirds majority and paving the way for it to form the next state government.

In response to the landslide victory, former Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Razak said the victory was expected when he received a warm reception throughout his campaigns in Johor.

Just hours before BN’s victory was announced, Najib in the live stream of the election analysis that the people miss him and want him back as Prime Minister.

Source: Facebook

“Although I have not conducted a survey, I assume this warm embrace is because they reminisce about my time as prime minister and my policies,” he said.

“During my time, the people lived well and the economy was thriving.”

Source: Facebook

According to Najib, the country had a clear direction and vision when he was the Prime Minister. He also believes that this is the reason why Johorians embraced him with open arms.

During the live interview, the results had already shown BN winning a majority of the seats, but to Najib, it was expected. He explained that was because the crowds and the receptions at BN campaign events were enthusiastic. 

However, he said he did not speak much about it as he did not want to appear arrogant or have premature enthusiasm.

“Although we had Covid-19 SOPs this time and could not do rallies like in the past, the reception we still got despite the SOPs was bigger and enthusiastic,” he elaborated.

While the other politicians have urged the people to stop welcoming “bossku” and BN again, Najib simply said that they should ask the rakyat about his performance back then when he was governing the country.

“He knows that my government had a direction back then and the rakyat lived easily.” he said.

Watch Najib making that statement in the video below on the 2:24:00 mark until the 2:30:00 mark.

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