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Malaysia’s gymnastic queen Farah Ann retires from the sport after 25 years since the leap of faith

Social NewsMalaysia's gymnastic queen Farah Ann retires from the sport after 25 years...

National artistic gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi has announced her retirement from the world of competitive gymnastics after she was dropped from the final list of the women’s artistic gymnastics squad in the upcoming Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

According to Malaysia Gymnastics Federation (MGF) secretary-general Afrita Ariany Nasril, Farah was left out from the final list as she has yet to clear the air revolving around her future with the national squad.

“From the beginning, we heard that Farah Ann is retiring and then wants to continue but for MGF we cannot wait until she gives the answer on her future.”

Source: Facebook

“Farah Ann had voiced her intention to retire in 2019 so from that moment we have already prepared two plans for the SEA Games, which is Plan A with Farah Ann and Plan B without her and now we opted to use Plan B in Hanoi,” Afrita Ariany was quoted as saying by Bernama.

On 12 March, the national artistic gymnast announced her retirement from the sport after devoting 25 years of her life to it.

“25 years ago a little girl took a leap of faith and joined the crazy world of gymnastics. Entranced with being a gymnast, I embarked on a journey that would ultimately become my greatest passion.”

“Now after 25 amazing years in this sport, I am finally ready to say goodbye to being a competitive gymnast,” she said.

She then thanked gymnastics for the wonderful memories and experiences she had.

“To all the people that I have met along the way, to all the guidance, love and support, thank you. It’s been a ride of a lifetime, giving everything that I have, all my love, passion, and dedication.” Farah said.

Source: Facebook

Despite retiring as an athlete, Farah said she will always continue to be involved in the world of sports and gymnastics.

She also expressed joy at retiring on her own terms after achieving her dreams and goals to compete in the Olympic Games. She is only the third Malaysian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics.

“Gymnastics will always be my passion, and hopefully, I can give something back to the sport that has truly given me so much. I may be retiring as an athlete but I will always continue to be involved in the world of sports.” she said.

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