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Dine together with sheep at this restaurant in Serdang

There is a restaurant called House of Kambing that serves delicious-looking food in Serdang.

What’s interesting is you get to dine together with the sheep as well as with a view of the big field!

Located at MAEPS Serdang, it is the first-ever restaurant in Malaysia that is in the middle of the field and a place to take pictures and play with the sheep and camels while enjoying your meal.

According to the restaurant’s official Facebook page, they serve both nasi kukus with lamb, chicken, as well grill platters that is suitable for four to six people, thus you can always bring your family members here for a good time.

Other than main courses, you also get to enjoy their goat milk and fried lamb. The price for the meal starts from only RM8, which is really worth it considering the view.

They open every day from 11am to 6.30pm except Fridays. Check out their page for more information.


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