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YouTube Group Dissy responds to Wong Cho Lam’s plagiarism of their MV

Many netizen were recently upset on behalf of Malaysian YouTube group Dissy (低清). Apparently, TVB’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO) Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) was suspected of copying their ideas for a music video.

Video by Malaysian Youtube group Dissy
Clip of Cho Lam “Adam’s apple jitter”

Well, Dissy themselves don’t think it’s a big deal. In fact, they pointed out differences the team had noted to netizens and made it clear that they weren’t upset.

The main issue had been the style of the music video “Love You At 105°C (热爱105度的你)”. Both groups had performed the song with a retro style, befitting of the music. However, this led netizens to thinking Cho Lam had taken inspiration from Dissy.

The team felt that the style being the same was a coincidence, although they couldn’t deny the possibility of it being plagiarized. However, they chose to give Cho Lam the benefit of doubt. “I can only say that everyone’s tastes are very old, so it’s better to (do things) the old (fashioned way),” they teased.

Although the style seemed the same, Dissy stated there were still differences. Such as Cho Lam’s “Adam’s apple jitter” during one part of the song, Cho Lam’s duo instead of Dissy’s trio and the quality of their video. Dissy seemed pleased that many netizens had seen their song, but took the opportunity to tease their artists about it. “They saw (Morn (沐人)’s) Adam’s apple show, they saw (Adeline Wong (黄燕平)) sitting there and not knowing what to do, and they saw (Kim Chen Wu (金塵武)’s) ecstatic and heroic appearance, but unfortunately, you can’t see it yourself…” Dissy wrote.

Jokes aside, the team genuinely seems fine with Cho Lam’s version. However, netizens staunchly declared their support for the group in their comments. Many praised the group for their cover while others hoped their popularity would continue rising.

Props to Dissy for gathering a supporting fanbase! The team has always been creative with their songs and music videos so it’s a joy to see their work being appreciated.


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