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Motorcyclist tries to pay toll even though they can travel for free

The fact is, nobody likes or wants to pay for the toll on highways. However, there have been cases where the public witnessed a vehicle tailgating another vehicle in front to avoid paying the fare.

However, a motorist’s recent actions at the tollbooth made many Malaysians laugh and the viral scene was captured by a dashcam.

The funny video garnered 147.4k likes and 12k shares on TikTok.

A motorist and a pillion rider slowly approached the toll booth after the blue car in front drove away.

At first glance, no one could be faulted to assume the motorcyclist probably wanted to ask the toll booth operator a question but they actually tried to tap their Touch n Go card to pay.

They kept tapping the card and waited for the boom gate to lift up. After a few minutes, the toll booth operator could be seen opening the window and gesturing at them to use the small gap beside the gate to get through.

For those who are unaware, motorcyclists don’t need to pay the toll because it’s free for them.


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