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Local news portal criticised for censoring househusband’s face, as if it was shameful to be one

Social NewsLocal news portal criticised for censoring househusband's face, as if it was...

In most places, the idea of husbands being the breadwinner of the family and wives should stay at home and look after the children remained buried in our culture.

Meanwhile, there is even a belief that wives earning more than husbands will make them feel stressed.

Recently, a local newspaper came under criticism after it censored the face of a house husband in an article about how more and more men with high earning wives are becoming househusbands.

Responding to the article, Twitter user @Surayaror, expressed her thoughts on the image choice of the local newspaper and pointed out how the news portal seems to be implying that men becoming house husbands is embarrassing to the point where faces need to be censored.

“Sometimes we are okay with our lives but people hate how we live. Stay strong men, keep being a good dad and husband,” she said.

In another tweet, she reminded that men who are hoping to be househusbands would need to get the approval of their wives first. She added that what’s important is that the married couples are happy with this arrangement and are mutually supportive, as well as helpful towards each other.

Changing the stereotype

Many netizens supported Suraya’s opinion and said that the stereotype of husbands being providers and wives being nurturers should change.

“I’m a househusband. I took care of 2 children since birth. I take care of them, pick up and send my wife and kids, cook, clean, wash and fold clothes and it’s chaos.”

“But it’s great that I get to see my kids grow up in front of my own eyes.” a netizen shared.

“This stereotype has to go. Nothing to be ashamed of.” another netizen said.

What do you think about this? Do you support men to become househusbands if their wives are earning more? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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