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Couple sells newborn baby for RM4,000 to pay hospital bill

The adopted parents could not register the baby with JPN as the biological parents could not be found.

In a bizarre incident, an Indonesian couple in Temerloh sold their newborn baby boy for RM4,000.

They ‘sold’ their newborn baby to pay the hospital bill at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital (Hoshas).

The couple from Lombok, in their 20s, do not have enough money to take care of the baby.

Apart from not having a job, they were more burdened when their rented home in Karak was flooded last year.

Words got around and it came to the attention of a couple who have not had children since they got married nine years ago.

The couple had expressed their wish to adopt a child in a WhatsApp group, from which they learned about the Indonesian couple and their newborn.

However, the situation became complicated when the baby could not be registered as an adopted child.

The problem is due to the National Registration Department (JPN) requirement that the real mother must be present for documentation.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian couple – nown as Bambang and Fithiani – could no longer be contacted. They had also moved out from their rented home in Karak.

According to the adopted mother, who is known as Hasnah, they could not be reached ever since the baby was handed over.

Hasnah expressed hope that Fathiani or Bambang will contact them immediately to finish the registration process.


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