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Business group suggests a system to prevent workers from job-hopping, M’sians are not having it

Social NewsBusiness group suggests a system to prevent workers from job-hopping, M'sians are...

“Job-hopping” refers to the practice of holding multiple jobs in a relatively short time. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, employers would not like it as a high staff turnover rate would mean more being spent on recruitment.

On the other hand, there are a group of employees who believe that job-hopping is necessary for them to get promoted or even a salary hike.

Recently, the Federation of Malaysian Business Associations (FMBA) suggested that Malaysia should introduce a system to record employee performance to prevent frequent job-hopping.

According to a report by The Malaysian Insight, the association’s chairman, Abdul Malik Abdullah said the government should come up with a record system like CTOS or CCRIS, which evaluates a person’s credit score and financial health based on their payment history.

Source: NST

He said the system could prevent an employee from leaving a job easily and employers from employing those who are more likely to ‘job-hop’.

“We have a lot of issues with foreign workers not being able to come in so we have been using our local workers but we feel like the employees do not work for a very long time. They work for a very short period and this impacts business terribly.”

“We need a system where we have records of job hoppers or employees who come and go so that employers will know if a person has changed their many times in a year, that way they can be more careful before employing someone,” Abdul Malik said.

Meanwhile, he admits that this suggestion may sound harsh, he believes that it would be helpful to employers, employees, and the government.

“We need to implement this type of system so that people will quit job-hopping for an extra RM50 or for some simple reason.” he said.

The deputy secretary-general Dr Sri Ganesh Michiel also concurred and said that job-hoppers are why businesses are taking a while to recover from the pandemic.

“We have found that some employees lied about their background, for example, some have been involved in criminal activities while some are drug addicts, so this system will be able to help companies before employing someone,” he explained.

Malaysians are not having it

The statement went viral on social media with netizens criticising the group for making such remarks.

A netizen explained that people do not just leave their current job because of pay. There could be instances of underpay, overworked or even toxic and abusive management. This statement is just generalising things and putting the blame on employees.

Meanwhile, a netizen counter-suggested a system that monitors bad employers who are not paying their employees enough.

“Can I similarly propose a system that blacklists employers with poor management practices from hiring people?” a netizen said.

What do you think about this suggestion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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