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TGV Cinemas’ latest V-V-VIP promotion invites criticisms as netizens accuse of poor damage control

Social NewsTGV Cinemas' latest V-V-VIP promotion invites criticisms as netizens accuse of poor...

Earlier this week, TGV Cinemas has come under fire from netizens for allegedly restarting “The Batman” screening for ‘late VIPs’. In a later report, TGV said the restart was never due to VIPs but a technical issue with their screening hall.

Meanwhile, TGV Cinemas has also taken several damage control measures to avoid the situation from getting worse, but it appears that its latest measure is doing more damage than controlling it.

On 9 March, TGV Cinemas posted a promotion on their official Facebook and Twitter page, which received several criticisms from netizens. The announcement for the “promotion” reads,


“Inspired by recent fake news of ghost VIPs, Minmin presents TGV-V-V-VIP Day! V-V-VIP status is available to all, from marhaen like Minmin to kayangan people. Come chill-chill and watch movies but sorry, #NoRestartAtTGV even for V-V-VIP!”.

There is also a disclaimer text placed at the bottom of the promotion, reminding the public that technical errors can happen and that their staff are doing their best at handling these situations.

Source: Sunway Velocity

TGV Cinemas intended to laugh and poke fun at their own mistake but customers weren’t very happy with this. Some netizens accused the company of not taking this seriously despite affecting its customers’ schedules.

“Damage is Done! TGVVIP! BYE TVVIP!! Hello GSC.” a netizen commented.

“More like poor management and poor communication by TGV. Attempting to play down the issue issit?” another netizen said.

On 7 March, “The Batman” screening at TGV Cinemas Vivacity in Kuching had restarted despite being 45 minutes into the screening, allegedly due to VIPs arriving late to the cinema.

Apparently, this was a misunderstanding and the company has since issued an apology to its patrons, as well as clarification that there were no VIPS but a miscommunication on their side.

What do you think about this promotion? Was it a good joke or a damage control done wrong? Share your thoughts!

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