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Huge grease clog in Puchong removed from drain

Selangor State Exco member Ng Sze Han recently posted about a huge grease clog in Kinrara that distressed netizens.

The photos showed a man in a simple t-shirt and shorts without appropriate safety gear hauling massive amounts of grease and gunk out of a culvert. The trapped grease waste had plastic bags and general waste caught within it as well.

Ng noted that this was in Taman Kinrara Seksyen 1. He called out nearby restaurants for disposing used cooking oil down the drain, and implored them to consider recycling it instead.

Netizens were floored by the man’s dedication to getting the job done, but most were shocked at his lack of proper safety equipment.

Netizens lamented that plenty of restaurants do not actually use grease traps, despite the fact that it is mandatory to be installed in food-related premises.

This is due to weak enforcement and lax regulations have allowed businesses to simply ignore the ruling. Some use grease traps that are too small to be efficient, some do not maintain it, and others simply throw their grease down the drain.

Many netizens also wonder what local authorities were doing about the issue. However, most netizens were quick to note that as a council member on the state exco board of Selangor, Ng is readily in the position to do something about it.

Tossing used cooking oil down the sink seems easy even for those of us at home, but it’s actually a big problem that will stress out your plumbing.

Cooled cooking oil hardens and clings to the inside of your pipes, and no matter how much hot water you try to pour down the sink, that’s where it will stay.

It encourages bacteria growth, which turns into a nasty sewage smell, which turns into a bad time for everyone involved. Even worse, this discarded waste ends up polluting the waterways and soil nearby your home too.

Hence, if you have used cooking oil, dispose of it properly or even recycle it for cash. There are plenty of uses for used cooking oil, so let it live a second life while you pocket a little bit of extra something as well.


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