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Video Of “Ukrainians In Body Bags” is actually from a climate protest

Amidst the ongoing Russia – Ukraine crisis, a video is being shared on social media platforms.

The video claims to show dead bodies of Ukrainian citizens caused by Russian attacks.

But when one of the dead bodies suddenly moves, fact-checkers and social media went into overdrive to combat fake info.

A reverse image search of screenshots from the video led to an Austrian website with a longer video and similar visuals.

The same video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of an Austrian news website OE24.

The video is about a demonstration to protest against climate policy. It was held in Vienna on 4 February.

Protestors holding banners in with the word klimapolitik (German for climate policy, people in Austria generally speak German) can be seen in the video.

The person in front of the camera was a Germany-based reporter, Marvin Bergauer, who reported for the news channel.

Bergauer has also stepped up to dispel the fake news.

He said that Russia is also using the video as propaganda.


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