Thursday, December 8, 2022

Resident in Taman Sri Muda calls out to authorities for not being considerate when issuing compounds

Social NewsResident in Taman Sri Muda calls out to authorities for not being...

Earlier this week, the 2-hour heavy downpour has caused several parts in Klang Valley to be flooded again. This had also brought back memories of the devastating floods that landed in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam last December.

After learning from this painful incident, residents in Taman Sri Muda have moved their vehicles up to their neighbouring places which are of higher altitude, so as to prevent the floods from damaging their vehicles again.

Fortunately, the floods did hit struck the area again and it was a relief to the residents.

Source: Twitter

However, the residents were left surprised and helpless after they find compound tickets on their windshields on the following day.

Taking it to Facebook, netizen Allen Chee said “This is hilarious, floods is not the only thing the residents here need to be aware of, but summonses too.”


He then explained that the residents are only parking their vehicles there temporarily to avoid the floods, but they were issued a summon for not paying for the parking.

He added that those who did not move their vehicles and yet to pay for the parking were all issued a compound.

Allen then compared this efficiency to the authorities when they are requested to unclog the drains or even flood-prevention projects.

“Do not question the authorities’ efficiency, it is obviously great,” he said.

He then asked sarcastically if the officials have a KPI to meet, which pushed them hard to issue compound to the people.

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