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M’sian singer Yuna receives criticisms over concept photos for her new album

Social NewsM'sian singer Yuna receives criticisms over concept photos for her new album

Being an artist means that you’ll constantly receive criticism from both fans and haters. One can do everything right, but people will still find something to criticise about you.

Recently, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has taken to social media to announce her upcoming album that will be released soon, along with some concept photos of herself in a crystal-covered ensemble, but netizens appeared to be not very happy with them.

According to Yuna, the concept photos were for her new album titled “Y1”, where she dressed in a silver net cloth and equipped with a head ornament made of beads.

In the caption, Yuna seemed very excited for the release of her upcoming 5th album. “I will be dropping 5 separate releases throughout 2022. Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, and finally the last one that will tie everything together, Y5,” she said.


“I want my fans to be able to take their time and listen – and connect to every single song, before the next one comes. This has always been something I’ve always wanted to do, and this way you guys will feel closer to me and my music.”

While many of her fans praised the photos and concept shared by Yuna, there’s also hate and critics. Some netizens criticised Yuna for her outfit which they claimed looked too sexy.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens even compared the concept photos to her old conservative image during her early days before she went international. “We can see your inners” a netizen commented.

Some were also concerned if Yuna is straying away from her religion.

“She is staying in New York, right? She didn’t anchor to her religion tightly enough, of course she’ll drift.” a netizen said.

“Pierced nose. Congratulations, Mrs. America.” another netizen said.

Source: Facebook

It’s saddening to see how this group of people are treating a local icon who has taken to the world stage, especially when we should be focusing on her amazing music!

We hope that Malaysians will open their minds and not judge the connection others have with their religions based on their clothing.

Regardless of those comments, Yuna is still releasing her new album. Pre-orders for Yuna’s 5th album “Y.1” are now available.

Are you excited for the new music from Yuna? Let us know in the comment section below!

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