Friday, March 31, 2023

“Don’t list if it is out-of-stock!” M’sians slammed KFC over wrong orders and handwritten note

Social News“Don’t list if it is out-of-stock!” M'sians slammed KFC over wrong orders...

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Malaysia has recently come under fire for its poor service after netizens complained about the chain restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for continuing to sell food items that were not available or out of stock due to the potato shortage.

The complaint was made by Twitter user @MalaysiaFoods, where they wrote “Dear @KFCMalaysia. If your food is out of stock, why is that option still available? I’ve heard that they were running out of fries and potato wedges nationwide.”

“I ordered the same dish thrice, only to receive sesame balls. The other day I ordered chicken, but they gave me buns instead.”

In the same tweet, the photo showed a note that was written by one of the KFC staff as they explain the unfortunate situation that occurred.

The message said, “We are running out of fries and wedges 🙂 Sorry! We’ve switched them to black sesame balls. For your next order, you can choose either mashed potato or nuggets (as your side dish).”

Meanwhile, it is believed that the customer has placed their order at a KFC outlet in KL Sentral via the FoodPanda app.

In another tweet, the customer wrote “Just take a look at other KFC branches. If the items are not in stock, they won’t show it in the menu.” 

To make matters worse, the customer said that despite having lodged a report on this matter, there is no follow-up action has been taken by the FoodPanda team.

In the comment section, many netizens also revealed that they had similar experiences with the said KFC restaurant.

Some said customers should just boycott the food chain as there’s no chicken either while someone else suggested that KFC should do something since the potato shortages have been months in the making.

Let’s hope KFC will be able to sort things out on its food delivery app and prevent other customers from being disappointed with their food orders.

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