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Tuan Ibrahim: Extraordinary rainfall and climate change caused flash floods in Klang Valley

NewsTuan Ibrahim: Extraordinary rainfall and climate change caused flash floods in Klang...

The floods that struck the federal capital on 7 March was due to an extraordinary rainfall, said Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

He said a high rainfall readings were recorded at the Taman Desa Smart station, with readings of 106.5mm and 155mm at the Air Panas Station during the 2 hours of rain.

“On the average, the rainfall for the year is 2,500mm, with an average reading of 200mm per month, but in just two hours the reading recorded rainfall of more than 206mm, which is more than half the monthly average.” he said, reported NST.

Source: Facebook

Tuan Ibrahim then explained that the unexpected rainfall had eventually caused the drainage system not to be able to cope with the high water flow capacity, causing water to stagnate in the area.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment & Water had in a Facebook post said repair and upgrading works are being carried out at the flood reservoirs around the Federal Territory of KL.

Source: Twitter

In addition, Tuan Ibrahim said that climate change is part of the reason for the recent floods in Klang Valley.

“The monsoon season usually takes place at the end of the year. Now it’s raining heavily in March when we were supposed to expect the drought season.” he said.

He said that this is the direct result of climate change that is currently happening. At the same time, he assured that the ministry is seeking long-term solutions to mitigate the impact of the floods.

On social media, netizens slammed the minister for stating the obvious. “This Tuan Ibrahim is really something and we got this ‘genius’ in this minister post stating the obvious” a netizen said.

Netizens also said that precaution could have been done prior to the floods.

That said, it is obvious that weather in Malaysia had changed radically and we are seeing more floods that are happening than ever. Perhaps, this is a wake up call for us to start protecting our planet.

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