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Beautiful M’sian Celebrity selling ‘Pau’ by roadside caught netizens attention

Recently, a video was circulating on social media stating that there’s a ‘beautiful vendor’ selling steamed buns (Pau) by the roadside near Petronas located in Jalan Kuching.

Many commented on her beauty, saying that she’s so pretty but is willing to be under the hot sun working hard.

When the video hit more views, netizens were shocked to find out that the ‘beautiful vendor’ is actually a well-known singer and actress named, Nor Razlinda Razali or better known by her stage name, Bienda.

Turns out, the 36-year-old singer/actress was helping her husband out with his small business of selling high quality snacks. Much to her surprise, the secretly filmed video became viral when fans noticed her.

The steamed bun business, known as Papapau Bienda Gebu is newly started by her hubby, who was formerly in the same industry as a producer at Prima Media.

The humble singer enjoys getting into business as she already has her own headscarf line along with inners which she proudly sells via her social media. She states that doing business by the roadside isn’t that much of a difference.


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