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Watch: Ambulance in KL forced to stop to give way to VIP convoy

Even seconds count when it comes to saving lives. That is also why we have laws and regulations that give ambulances the right of way while on the road.

However, in Malaysia, it would be different when there is a VIP convoy on the road.

Recently, the Inforoadblock Facebook page shared a video, which is believed to be a dashcam footage from a private ambulance on Jalan Tun Razak.

Source: Facebook

The admin then wrote in the caption, “Dashcam footage from a private ambulance has gone viral after it was asked to stop to give way to a VVVIP convoy.”

In the video, it showed all the vehicles were stopped by the traffic police dedicated to the convoy could be seen moving to the side to allow the ambulance through to the front of the line. However, the traffic police had stopped the ambulance from making its move while checking out for the convoy coming from the flyover.

Only after the convoy passes, the traffic police allow the ambulance to proceed with their journey.

Source: TikTok

This is not the first case that happened in Malaysia and we’ve seen 2 similar cases in December 2021 and January 2022.

This incident has since caused a backlash among netizens as they called out the VIPs for treating people’s lives like they are lesser than their own.

“VVIP lives are more valuable than the lives of the people.” a netizen said.

“If Malaysian ministers don’t value the lives of the people then just don’t be ministers.” another netizen said.

Ambulances are emergency vehicles that rush patients to medical facilities for immediate treatment. With this, it is truly unfair to make these ambulance drivers and their patients wait just because a VIP does not want to endure traffic.

It’s time for the Malaysian authorities to rethink the entire policy for ‘VIP convoy’ and allow emergency vehicles to pass through first, instead of the convoy.

Watch the video here:


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