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Patin Fish Noodles shop owner gets fined after selling noodles at an exorbitant price

On 25 February, a Malaysian in Sarikei went into a coffee shop to have a bowl of fish noodles. After placing her order, she ate it and proceeded to pay for it.

However, the receipt showed that the bowl of noodles she ate cost RM60. The boss told her that the price for ikan patin is RM190 per KG.

After this issue had gone viral, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Sarikei went to the stall to investigate this matter.

The operator admitted to selling the noodle soup at an exorbitant price. In this case, the store operator had also failed to display the price of his menu items.

Therefore, he has committed an offence under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering (Price Marking for Goods and Charges for Services) Order 2020. He was slapped with an RM300 compound.

The authorities urge sellers to always display prices for their items for sale and buyers to always ask for a price before proceeding to purchase something.

If members of the public believe that some traders are unscrupulous and going against the law, they can lodge a report through the e-Aduan Portal; Call Centre at 1800-886 800; email e-aduan@kpdnhep.gov.my; or by visiting any of their offices.


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