Sunday, February 5, 2023

TGV apologises after restarting “The Batman” screening for alleged ‘late VIPs’

Social NewsTGV apologises after restarting "The Batman" screening for alleged 'late VIPs'

TGV Cinemas has apologised to its patrons after complaints claiming a showing of “The Batman” was restarted 45 minutes after it began screening due to some “VIPs” arriving late.

“We would like to sincerely apologise to all guests who have been impacted by the session delay for The Batman at TGV Vivacity in Kuching on 5 March.”

“The incident does not adhere to our screening SOPs at all, our movie sessions are to run on time as per schedule.”


“As a token of apology, we will be issuing 2 complementary tickets and a full refund to all impacted guests.” TGV said in a statement while urging the moviegoers to contact them at [email protected]

Speaking to Malay Mail, TGV said they will be investigating the matter and said that it could have been a technical issue and maybe the message wasn’t conveyed properly.

The matter was brought to light by Facebook user Fazillah Raduan, where he shared his experience of the incident. According to Fazillah, they are 45 minutes into the latest film in the DC Comics franchise, when a staff member came in and told the hall the movie would restart from the beginning.

When asked, the staff member allegedly told the hall it was because some new customers just came in.

The matter went viral on Twitter with Malaysians and movie fans online calling out the company’s actions, especially when it is a 3-hour movie.

“I believe most of the people here will choose to give up the tickets refund to see who is the vvip behind this case,” a netizen commented.

Meanwhile, some claimed that it was a miscommunication between the cinema operator and its viewers of the delay of the screening.

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